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At Express Medical Transporters, we offer a full range of non-emergency and alternate student transportation services. Whether you, your loved ones, your patients, or your students need a ride, we’ve got you covered. Our drivers treat every passenger with respect and have extensive qualifications to transport and serve unique populations. We strive to keep wait times minimal, meet scheduled arrival times, and provide transport to and from destinations in a timely fashion – all while ensuring the total safety of every passenger. With an extensive vehicle fleet and a staff of transportation professionals, we can support any volume of rides. Learn more about our services below.

We have a substantial fleet of non-emergency medical vans. With lift-equipped vehicles, mini vans, ambulatory vans, stretcher vans, and more, we can meet most non-emergency transportation needs.

Our drivers are experienced in non-emergency medical van transportation for a wide range of passenger populations. We treat every passenger with care and provide a timely experience – taking pride in our service, minimizing wait times, and ensuring passengers get to and from appointments on time.

We have a full fleet of vehicles:

  • Wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles,
  • Stretcher vans,
  • Minivans,
  • Ambulatory vans,
  • and more.

We provide wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles and specialty-trained drivers who are deeply experienced with wheelchair transportation. We make it a daily habit to go above and beyond, providing that extra bit of help for wheelchair passengers. Our wheelchair services include 

  • Helping wheelchair passengers onto vehicle lifts and assisting them with getting on and off the vehicle,
  • Securely strapping in wheelchair passengers so they can ride safely,
  • Assisting wheelchair passengers in navigating steps once out of the vehicle, 
  • Pushing and lifting wheelchairs when necessary, ensuring they reach the door,
  • Supplying wheelchairs for those who need it, and
  • Carrying a passenger’s oxygen tank.

We provide dialysis transportation services to help patients get to and from appointments. Whether a passenger has End Stage Renal Disease or is on a short-term dialysis treatment, we make dialysis transportation as comfortable as possible.

If a dialysis patient is bed bound, our drivers can deliver hands-on stretcher transportation, which includes

  • Moving bed-bound passengers from beds onto stretchers
  • Transporting passengers on and off of the vehicle
  • Securely and safely strapping them onto the vehicle
  • Transporting them all the way off the stretcher and to their destination
  • Providing clean stretcher equipment when necessary

We provide specialty transportation for school districts, serving students with special needs and disabilities. Whether your students need rides at unique times or from distant and non-traditional locations, we can ease your district’s transportation burden. Learn more about our Alternate Student Transportation Services.

From large hospitals to private clinics, we are experienced in meeting many healthcare protocols and requirements. We ensure medical passengers arrive on time and get home safely. Our full range of vehicles allows us to meet most transportation needs. Learn more about our Healthcare Transportation Services.

Whether you need a ride to the local grocery store or your loved one needs assistance getting to or from an appointment, we’re here for you. Our professional drivers are specially trained to serve passengers with mental illness, disabilities, special needs, cancer, dementia and other conditions.

Drivers That Make a Difference

Our drivers are compassionate individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional desire to serve. Each driver has undergone thorough background screening, testing, and hands-on training to ensure they can assist our passengers with the utmost care and service.

Our rigorous training program includes population-specific training in assisting the elderly, passengers with severe health conditions, and those with mental and physical disabilities. Each driver also completes courses in emergency preparation, First Aid, defensive driving and vehicle care.

Our drivers operate with the highest professionalism, arriving in uniforms and marked vehicles.

A Fleet You Can Count On

We carry full insurance on our vehicles and ensure each one meets all local, state, federal, and ADA safety standards, as well as city, county, and state licensing requirements. For organizations, we take every step to reduce transportation risk and offer a range of other solutions. 

What transportation need can we help you meet?