Two White EMT Vehicles


Since 1996, we’ve provided compassionate, safe, and timely transport. Our goal is to transport any passenger – no matter what disabilities, special needs, or challenges they may face. We take great pride in transporting our passengers to their desired destination.

Who We Serve

EMT serves organizations in the St. Louis, Missouri metro and surrounding areas, including neighboring areas in Illinois, as well as Cumberland, Maryland. These organizations include school districts, hospitals, public health, non-for-profit agencies, medical clinics, adult day centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, doctor’s offices, and more. We also transport individuals and families to and from appointments or simply when they need a ride.

Special events sometimes require special transport. If you have a family member who needs a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to go to a reunion, wedding, or public event, just call us, to assist in their transport.

We assist school districts with rides for students in transition, early childhood students, and those with special needs. Whether your students need rides at unique times or locations, assistance with wheelchairs and special needs, or transport from non-traditional housing, we can ease your district’s burden. Learn more.

From large hospitals to private clinics, we are experienced in meeting many healthcare protocols and requirements. We take pride in ensuring patients arrive on time and get home safely. Learn more.

Whether you need a ride to the local grocery store or your loved one needs assistance getting to or from an appointment, we are here to help. Our drivers arrive in uniform and take the utmost pride in providing quality service. Please contact us to schedule a ride at 314-781-6400, extension 2.