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Since 1996, Express Medical Transporters has had one mission ­– to provide compassionate, safe, and timely transportation to those who need it most. Over the years, we have grown from a small St. Louis startup into a 300-person team with an extensive vehicle fleet and locations all over the Midwest and in Baltimore, MD.

Express MEdical Transporters


Express MEdical Transporters


Express MEdical Transporters


Our core values drive our commitment to quality service for our partners and passengers. We hire only those who want to make a difference and then give them the training to follow through and exceed expectations. The result is a harmonious relationship with our partners and exceptional care for passengers.

"Drivers go above and beyond on such a regular basis that it's really considered standard practice. As a director, that's what I hope my staff does, take ownership."


Our team of field service representatives (FSRs) provides full transportation services to students, patients, and the elderly to the tune of 1,600+ rides each day for more than 1,000 organizations. It is because of the excellent staff that we can provide timely, reliable transportation to accommodate non-traditional busing times and meet the needs of your students and patients. Our flexibility makes it exponentially easier to arrange prompt and safe transportation. From wheelchair, stretcher, and dialysis transportation to rides for family members, we have the capabilities to provide a ride for all non-emergency situations.


Our flexibility extends to the partnerships we create with organizations in the areas we serve. We customize plans with each partner to ensure consistent transportation with flexible scheduling and billing arrangements. Partners seek our assistance to either replace or supplement their existing transportation needs. Our experience, flexibility, and expertise ensure a hassle-free process.

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