We partner with healthcare facilities to provide consistent, reliable transportation for non-emergency patients. At Express Medical Transporters, we have invested in a large staff of highly-qualified and well-trained drivers. Their professionalism, combined with a large, reliable and fully-equipped fleet of vehicles, ensures our ability to transport any non-emergency patient, handle any volume of rides, and keep wait times to a minimum. We serve many healthcare providers, including

  • Senior living centers,
  • Hospitals and health facilities,
  • Private-pay, and
  • Brokers who provide Medicare/Medicaid transportation
We are able to provide
  • Dialysis, oxygen and wheelchair transportation,
  • Flexible timing for off-hour discharges or appointments,
  • Cost-efficient, flexible billing options.

Our flexible scheduling and billing options eliminate complications and allow the focus to remain on the patient. We accept a range of payment options, including third party payments from patients’ health insurance. Patients should check their health insurance policy to determine if NEMT services are covered. Our extensive capabilities can be used to replace or supplement your existing non-emergency transportation. Express Medical Transporters provides solutions to driver and vehicle shortages, arranges rides for odd discharge or appointment times, and provides cost efficient solutions while maintaining the necessary level of support for the patients.

“I appreciate your hard work in assuring my severely limited patient was able to attend his crucial appointments, even more so with the VERY limited amount of time provided!” ~Happy Customer

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We’re proud of the solutions we’ve provided to healthcare facilities. We welcome the opportunity to explore solutions to your transportation challenges.