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FSR Allen Haines talks about why clients feel like family

How did I get my start with EMT? Well, family has always been important to me. Before my daughter was born, I drove trucks, which forced me to be away from home a lot. I hung the hat on driving for a long time to be there for my daughter, and worked closer to home in order to be there for her. I didn’t want to be out of town for little things like parent teacher conferences and soccer games.

When my daughter was older, I wanted to get back into driving. My brother worked for Express Medical Transporters in Fayetteville. He suggested I apply for an open position in Tulsa, where I live. That’s the how I started with Express Medical Transporters. But, if I’m being honest, the reasons I stayed make for a much better story. Basically, to be successful with EMT, you have to love helping people and driving. I love both.

You develop a relationship with the people you drive — they become like family. One of my regulars — a woman who was overcome with extreme anxiety in situations where she had to talk to people — was riding with me once and wanted to stop at the store for soda and water. When I pulled into the lot, she handed me some cash. “For me to go in and get that stuff,” she said. I said no, that we would go in together, and I’d be there if she needed me. When we walked through the doors, she stopped. “Oh my,” she said. “I’m in a store. With people.” But her voice was excited and enthused, not scared, and I led her to the soda aisle. We got really close after that. Sometimes, my regulars become friends. Family, even.

Since then, I’ve been promoted to a management position. Recently, she sent me an email because I’ve been off the road for awhile and she hasn’t been able to talk to me. In the email, she thanked me for being a guardian angel of sorts in a time when she need one. Sometimes, just having someone to listen to you makes all the difference. She asked me to come out and visit her apartment, since she thinks I was a big part of helping her get there, just by encouraging her. I can’t wait.

It feels good to help people. You get to hear people’s life stories. You get to experience “small-world moments” (I ended up driving one of my dad’s old employees). You get to make a difference in these people’s lives.

I now manage an account from the office, but I like to think I’m still helping people. I know these clients. I know if they travel better in minivans or paralift vans. I can schedule around things like that. And, of course, I still keep in touch with my regulars.

To learn more abut what I do, and the services I provide to my family — I mean clients — check out our client testimonials.

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