The School District of Washington is located in historic Washington, Missouri, about 50 miles west of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. One of the largest districts in the state, it spans 254 square miles and hosts schools in three different counties and six surrounding communities. Each year, the District serves about 4,000 k-12 students from one high school, one middle school, seven elementary schools, an early learning center and a technical and trade school. The District prides itself on its commitment to the academic, physical, emotional and social well-being of its students.

The challenge

Of the District’s 4,000 students, about 500 have special education needs. Some of them cannot tolerate a long bus ride with other students, as those rides can cause emotional and physical stress. Others require unique learning schedules that must be accommodated. Ensuring these students receive the education and opportunity they deserve sometimes requires specialized transportation. For years, the District has used buses with custom routes to assist these students. But for about 40 students with highly specialized transportation needs, the District required a more specialized option. They called upon EMT to provide accommodating rides, reduce transport costs and increase scheduling flexibility.

Transportation solutions and results

Through a partnership with the School District of Washington, we set up a favorable, transparent contract that provided the District significant savings in transporting students with the most specialized transport needs. Using our fleet of accommodating vehicles, our highly trained field service representatives (FSRs) now drive multiple students with special needs to and from school, even providing hands-on assistance when requested. With custom billing, we make it easy for the School District of Washington to track invoices and file their mandatory, yearly report on transportation expenses. Using flexible routes, we have minimized wait times and enabled students to get better access to rides when they need them.

“We are having good service,” said Pat Moore, Administrative Assistant in Personnel, School District of Washington, “EMT has been really good about working with us if we have an emergency. If a student needed a ride tomorrow, they would be there.”

For years, we have been proud to serve the School District of Washington and its students with compassionate, safe and timely transport.

The challenge

SSM assists the elderly as well as those with special needs, severe mental illnesses and special conditions. They serve particularly large populations of these patients at three of their outpatient care locations:

  • Mary’s Hospital in Richmond Heights, Missouri (St. Louis County)
  • DePaul Health Center in north St. Louis, Missouri
  • Joseph Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri (metro St. Louis area)

These patients often come from residential care facilities or nursing homes and depend heavily on SSM’s services. But they have great difficulty getting to and from appointments.

Without transportation help, “A very needy patient population that desperately needs these services would not be able to get these services,” said Matt Davis, Network Director for SSM Healthcare.

Transportation solutions and results

SSM contracted with Express Medical Transporters, and we created a custom transportation program for SSM. As a result, Express Medical Transporters has been able to provide transportation as an extra service to their patients. Each day, we provide close to 100 rides for SSM’s patients.

“There are other services out there, but none of them could provide the same level of service EMT provides with the population,” Davis said. “They have drivers who interact with patients, form relationships with them that are critical — they represent SSM.”

We have provided dedicated, highly trained field service representatives (FSRs) to assist SSM’s patients. Operating as an extension of SSM services, our FSRs are the first and last people that patients see when visiting SSM.

“On a regular basis, their drivers go above and beyond to actually engage in patients’ lives and daily routines,” said Davis, “I’ve heard countless stories about how drivers have gone above and beyond.”

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