At Express Medical Transporters, we offer much more than a ride. We take great pride in providing safe, compassionate, timely transport for our passengers and delivering tangible solutions for our organizational clients.

Reliable transport

With a full vehicle fleet at our disposal, we have the flexibility to offer 24-7 service and meet any volume of rides. That means our customers can always count on us to show up on time. We offer minimal wait times, no matter when or where a pick-up or drop-off is needed. Most of all, we take pride in our professionalism and our service for our passengers and clients.

Compassionate help for those who need it most

Our attentive, caring staff is here to make a difference and go above and beyond the services of a typical driver. Our field service representatives (FSRs) offer door-to-door assistance and help customers in and out of vehicles. They are experienced and trained in serving those who have special needs, disabilities or medical conditions.

Headache-free service

We serve more than 1,000 organizational clients nationwide and understand the complexities of fulfilling the many needs of an organization. We can meet your budget limitations and comply with all organizational and legal requirements.

Worry-free transportation

We ensure absolute safety and a smooth, hassle-free experience for both organizational clients and passengers. Our FSRs receive rigorous training in safe driving, CPR, First Aid and a range of other certifications. We provide en-route updates and clear communication so everyone is in the loop on a ride’s status, and all drivers arrive in-uniform.

Elimination of transport risk

You can rest easy that you will not be liable for any transportation issues. We thoroughly screen our FSRs and keep them fully insured and licensed at all times. Our vehicles are fully insured, and they undergo regular inspections to comply with ADA, local, state and federal requirements.

A custom, long-term solution

Whether your organization requires rides for a few people or hundreds of individuals each day, we can accommodate. We will work with your staff to develop a program specific to your needs. As your needs grow and change, we adjust our scope of work to meet them. Express Medical Transporters can be your long-term solution.

Solve your transportation challenges

Does your organization need safe, reliable, budget-friendly transportation? We can help.

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