Whether you, your loved one or your patient is in a wheelchair, bed bound or simply needs a hand getting around, we can help.

Our highly trained team is deeply experienced in non-emergency medical van transportation for a wide range of passenger populations and offers the most compassionate service. We treat every passenger with care and provide a timely experience — taking pride in our service, minimizing wait times and ensuring passengers get to and from appointments on time. With extensive training and properly equipped, safe medical vans our team ensures the total safety of all passengers and family members.

With locations nationwide, we serve as the contract non-emergency medical transporter (NEMT) for more than 1,000 organizations, including:

We’re also available for individuals and their families.

Professional, compassionate transportation

At Express Medical Transporters, our Field Service Representatives (FSRs) go far above and beyond the typical driver. We don’t just offer a ride; we provide hands-on assistance. Each FSR passes extensive screening and a thorough, tailored training program that includes education in assisting the elderly and helping passengers with severe mental and physical disabilities or conditions. Our Field Service Representatives also earn certifications in emergency preparation, First Aid, defensive driving and vehicle maintenance.

We train our FSRs extensively so they can provide compassionate, safe transportation for those who need it most, including bed-bound passengers who need stretcher transportation services. We also offer hands-on wheelchair transportation services with lift-equipped medical vans. Our FSRs help wheelchair passengers on and off of vehicles, securely strapping them in and even pushing and lifting the wheelchair over steps if necessary. For those who can walk, but need a hand, our FSRs offer an arm to lean on and help passengers not only get on and off the vehicle but also all the way to the door.

Our FSRs are highly professional and will arrive in uniforms, driving marked vehicles.

Safe medical vans for any ride

We have a full fleet of more than 350 vehicles and can meet any number of non-emergency medical rides. Vehicles can support both individuals and families who want to ride along. Our fleet includes:

  • Wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles
  • Stretcher vans
  • Mini vans
  • Ambulatory vans
  • And more

We carry full insurance on our medical vans and ensure each one meets all local, state, federal and ADA safety standards as well as city, county and state licensing requirements. For organizations, we take every step to reduce transportation risk and offer a range of other solutions.

Hear from our customers and clients

Since 1996, we’ve served thousands of passengers and families and a range of organizations. See what they have to say about our services and read case studies about our work on our customer page.

Contact us

If you, your family member or your patients need medical transport, give us a call at 314-781-6400. We’re available to serve you.

A complete guide to NEMT services: compassion, costs and qualifications

In this guide, we arm you with the tools and knowledge to effectively evaluate NEMT providers, services and costs.

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