How NEMTs support existing patient transport services

­Providing and arranging reliable, timely and safe transportation for patients is a critical, and often difficult, task for healthcare facilities. A way to lift the burden is to partner with a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service to compliment your current transportation situation. Difficulties in patient transportation culminate in major costs for care providers. A lack […]

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NEMT 101: Key terms in non-emergency medical transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies provide transportation services for patients to, from and between medical facilities. These services accommodate more than what traditional public transportation and care providers may be capable of handling. Whether a patient is in long-term, acute or chronic care, NEMT services can assist with transportation needs. NEMT services by healthcare type […]

Curb-to-curb vs. door-to-door transport: Why the extra mile matters

When it comes to non-emergency medical transport service (NEMT), helping passengers on and off of the vehicle is a good start, but it shouldn’t be the whole story. Quality NEMT begins with walking the passenger from the door, and should end when they’re safely back at home. A major consideration when choosing an NEMT service […]

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FSR Allen Haines talks about why clients feel like family

How did I get my start with EMT? Well, family has always been important to me. Before my daughter was born, I drove trucks, which forced me to be away from home a lot. I hung the hat on driving for a long time to be there for my daughter, and worked closer to home […]

Field Service Representative reflects on two million miles of service

Hi, I’m James, a Field Service Representative with Express Medical Transporters. On the surface, my job is to get people from point A to point B—I transport people to school and doctor’s appointments or take them to check off their grocery lists. But, in reality, my job’s much more than getting people where they need to be […]

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Senior transportation: outsourcing vs. in-house

Whether you’re getting seniors to treatments and appointments or taking them on outings and shopping trips, reliable senior transportation is a core part of providing senior living services. That’s true for independent living centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and adult day centers alike — transportation is central to providing both quality care and a […]

Reducing school transportation costs with specialty transport

School transportation has long been a core service provided by districts nationwide. But some students simply don’t fit the traditional busing model, presenting districts with significant challenges. These students may face a range of unique circumstances and difficulties, including: Physical or mental disabilities that make it impossible or impractical to ride the bus Non-traditional housing […]

Explore some of our work

We’re proud of the solutions we’ve provided to healthcare and education facilities. Request our case study portfolio and see examples our work.

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Specialized student transportation services: in-house vs. outsourcing

Every child deserves an education, but many face an uphill battle to get one. Getting to and from school in a safe, timely way shouldn’t be one of them. For that reason, it’s long been standard practice for districts to provide rides for all students. Federal law even requires all states to provide transportation for […]